We are excited to host BeeWeaver’s Beekeeping Manager, Lauren Ward for a class on Entomology and Honey Bee Basics. Ms. Ward is a licensed entomologist, has a masters in entomology, is a commercial beekeeper, and all around naturalist. Her instruction will lead you through the recent headlines about the decline of the vital insect population of the world to action you can take to support our 6 legged friends. One of our most loved insects, the honey bee, will take center stage. Lauren’s experience with her own bees, past employment as Lab Manager for the Texas A&M Bee Lab and Bee Biology online instructor, and in her current role of Beekeeping Manager at BeeWeaver Honey Farm brings a level of expertise to beekeeping that few have. She will help you with the building blocks you need to understand the biology of the hive, the role of beekeeping in supporting a healthy ecosystem and how each and every one of us can make a more bee, and thus insect, friendly environment. February 23rd, 10 am, $60 plus tax/fees. Buy your tickets here, space is limited.

Expert Entomology and Bee Basics Class by Lauren Ward

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