LEARN from expert beekeepers in the bees at Texas Honey Bee Farm. Our beekeeping lessons are part in classroom and part hands-on, when you finish the course you will be ready to go into your own beehive. We also offer classroom-based learning on a variety of other bee-related topics. 

Enjoy our NEW SUMMER SERIES of Classes! There is something fun for EVERYONE! Sign up by clicking on the class you want on the calendar at the bottom of the page! Classes will be offered several times through the summer.

Honey Extraction –A hands-on class that teaches you how we get our ‘liquid gold’ from hive to bottle! – Small Groups up to 20 maximum students. Go home with a pound of fresh honey that YOU have helped to extract, bottle and label! Yum! Get ready to get sticky! $50 per person (Approximately 2 hours, all ages welcome) 

Beeswax Makers Workshop – Learn how to make awesome natural skincare items, candles, and more using raw products from the hive! You will take home samples of what we make together in the class. $50 per person (Approximately 2 hours, all ages welcome)

Honey Wine – Making Mead– Our Master Mazer Chuck will show you how to make a delicious mead from raw extracted honey! Each class will feature different recipes and techniques along with mead tasting of course! 🙂 $50 per person (Approximately 2 hours, ADULTS OVER 21 ONLY)

Hive Experience – Get ready to enter the exciting realm of the BEES! We will suit you up and take you out with an experienced beekeeper to get up close and personal with a live working bee colony. Enjoy a fun tour through a hive and see how a bee colony functions as a superorganism turning flowers into food! $40 per person or $75 per couple (Approximately 60 mins, ages 10+) (Group size should be 4-6 people or a minimum of $160 to book out the experience, so if you have a group, just email/text us for a booking date! 🙂

Click on the class you want in the calendar below to book it! 🙂

Beekeeping 101 – Getting Started in Beekeeping – 3 Hours