BeeWeaver Honey Farm and Bee Friendly Austin have partnered to bring the highest quality in bees, equipment, honey, classes, consulting, and more to the Austin/Central Texas market. Our new SW Austin location is open 5 days a week and staffed with experienced beekeepers to help you select the right beekeeping products for your needs. For beekeepers, we offer one-stop shopping that will jump-start your beekeeping adventure. For those that are ‘bee-curious’ and just want to visit a working bee farm, we have observation hives to see the bees at work up-close, honey tasting, candles, t-shirts, bee bling, gifts and much more. This is truly the place for the whole family to enjoy a honey bee experience!

We will offer queen and bee pick ups throughout the Spring. Bee Friendly Austin offers Top Bar Nucs (17 inch) and Deep Langstroth Nucs, led by BeeWeaver queens. BeeWeaver offers 3# BeeWeaver Package Bees, Deep Langstroth Nucs with BeeWeaver and Italian Queens, and Queens. To reserve your bees for this spring please order directly from the producer: Bee Friendly Austin or BeeWeaver Honey Farm. We will offer in store pick up of BeeWeaver Queens as production allows. Please watch our Facebook page and this site for availability this spring.