Honey Bee Observation Deck

EXPERIENCE bees, beekeeping, honey and more. We love ‘bee-curious’ visitors at Texas Honey Bee Farm! We will enthusiastically lead you through our unique central Texas apiary and share a taste of the bee’s sweet honey. We offer various fee-based tours for groups of up to 9 people. You can view options below and then contact the store to schedule one that works for your group. All tours limited to 12 or fewer visitors. All tours include honey tasting if desired, just ask your guide.  See you soon!

ON THE SPOT TOUR: This is an impromptu guided tour with a staff member that typically begins out on the Bee Observation Deck where you can watch bees from the safety of a screened in porch.  If time allows you may also go outside on the farm grounds to peek into some observation windows on the top bar hives or see the chickens and ducks in the back. FEES:  On The Spot Tour is $10 for first person and $5 for each additional person ( children under age 3 are FREE) This tour is unscheduled and does not include discussion with a Master Beekeeper or consultation help with your personal beehives. This tour is not a “private tour” and there may be other visitors joining the group if the store is busy when you are here. Staff member’s priority is to help all customers inside the store with purchases and staff our phones, so please be patient and allow for possible interruptions if new customers arrive to shop. Total time is 15-30 mins. *BEST TIMES are 10:30-12:30 or 2:30-4:30 WED-FRI. Saturdays may be very busy and wait times vary.

PRIVATE HIVE TOUR: Our Austin Bee Deck is ready for your private tour! Relax in our bee proof, shaded, screened Bee Deck and see a beekeeper work a hive of bees and explain basic beekeeping practices and honey bee biology. Follow up your tour with a unique honey tasting – local and exotic flavors! Fees for private group tour is $100 for up to 5 people, add more friends for an additional $20 per person, up to 12 people total, all ages welcome. (no bee suits needed and under age 3 is free) Approximately 60 mins. To book please email the store.

BEE EXPERIENCE: Get ready to enter the exciting realm of the BEES! We will suit you up in a bee suit and take you out with an experienced beekeeper to get up close and personal with a live working bee colony. Enjoy a fun tour through a hive and see how a bee colony functions as a superorganism turning flowers into food! This is an up close and personal visit with the bees, an interactive experience. The experience is approximately 60-90 minutes and geared for ages 12 and up. The live bee experience is a $300 flat fee for 1-4 people, you may add more friends for an additional $50 per person, up to 12 people total. If you have a larger group, we may take you out into the hives in sub-groups. To book your Bee Experience please email or send a text to the store.